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In order to effectively treat one’s back pain or chiropractic issues, we need the patient to cooperate with the treatment. Consuming medication to relieve the pain will only bring temporary relief to the pain. In most cases, surgery is not necessary and will only increase the risk for other issues following treatment. Fortunately, our non-surgical back pain treatment is an effective and safe method for treating back pain.

Seeking professional treatment will help patients to find a long-term solution that is not dependent on long-term medication use. Since each patient is unique, there are a variety of levels of pain that the patient can experience. While surgery may be the necessary treatment for people with severe conditions, there are numerous situations in which the individual will best benefit from non-surgical treatment.

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Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment

Causes of back pain can range from lifestyle habits to tragic accidents. While patients can use common treatment solutions such as correcting posture and exercising on a regular basis, more serious conditions will require professional treatment. Possible causes of serious back pain can include:

  • Herniated discs
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Damaged facet joints
  • Continuous pain following a car accident
  • Sitting in a certain position on a regular basis

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

With non-surgical treatment options, patients will experience pain relief, allowing them to return to a life free of pain. Non-surgical back pain treatment will mainly involve treatment sessions at our practice once or twice a week. We may also use therapeutic massages to help as well. Patients will also greatly benefit from exercising at home. In fact, part of the treatment may require that each patient continues certain exercises at home on a regular basis.

We will combine the treatment at our practice with the patient’s exercises at home to help patients experience a long-term recovery. With this treatment, patients will be able to prevent further injury to the back or making their condition worse. We will strive to help patients maintain their normal lifestyle and help them avoid feeling constant pain.

Each patient may have a different treatment regimen that will work to treat their specific ailments. In many cases, patients will assume that surgery is the only option and seek surgical solutions for a problem that we can treat with non-surgical means. With non-surgical back pain treatment, we can help patients heal without the health risks of surgery or the possibility of worsening the situation. With non-surgical back pain treatment, patients will also be able to return home after each session and continue daily life.

Treatment Takes Commitment on Both Sides

While our team is committed to providing the highest level of treatment possible, the patients have to commit to the treatment along with us. The more active and involved a patient is with their treatment, the more efficient and effective the process will be. Pain medication will only provide temporary relief, while surgery will have risks and is only a recommended treatment in extreme conditions. Thus a mix of treatment sessions, exercises and appointments at our practice should be effective in treating the condition.

We will work with patients who have a busy lifestyle to find an appointment time that fits both of our schedules. The first step is to call our practice at <>and schedule an appointment. During the first appointment, we will examine the patient’s health history, current condition and develop a treatment plan that addresses the patient’s needs.

What a patient invests in treatment is what a patient will get out of the treatment. If the patient does not participate and does not follow the regimen, then the treatment will not be nearly as effective. People who continue to take painkillers for back pain, instead of professional treatment will continue to experience the pain and begin to rely heavily on the regular consumption of painkillers.

By working with Woods Chiropractic PC, we will develop a personalized treatment for the patient that helps them recover and return to a normal lifestyle.

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