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Contrary to popular belief, children can benefit from a chiropractor in many of the same ways that adults do. Regardless of age, many people attempt to treat chiropractic health issues with medication and rest. While over-the-counter medication can help to mask the pain and provide temporary relief, they will not treat the actual issue. Rest is also effective, but not nearly as effective without professional medical treatment.

We customize the treatment to the needs of the patient in order to help them recover from their condition. As a family chiropractor, we treat people of varying ages who need to recover from chiropractic conditions and injuries. Parents may not even realize that specific behaviors that lead to chiropractic problems begin early in life.

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Posture Issues

While people hear it all the time throughout life, posture is a crucial aspect of causing or preventing back problems. It can be difficult to keep better posture at first, but it is possible to build up this healthy habit. Children who slouch on a regular basis are placing excessive pressure on their neck. Some possible reasons for children experiencing neck and back pain can include:

  • Looking down at a mobile phone for a large portion of the day
  • Weaker back muscles due to a lack of exercise/use
  • Leaning over to look at a computer screen
  • Carrying a heavy backpack everyday

When a child seems unable to stand without slouching, chiropractic treatment may become necessary. Far too often, children and teens do not know how to explain and identify the pain. In other cases, people will try to shoulder the burden of soreness instead of seeking professional treatment. We can identify the true cause of the pain and develop a treatment plan.

The real danger of poor posture in children is that they will continue to experience improper bone growth as they age. The older a person gets, the more difficult it will be to prevent improper growth. Thus, it is crucial to seek professional treatment before the damage becomes irreversible.

Family Chiropractor Treatment

Unlike a general physician, we have the knowledge and skills to perform specific chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine and correct alignment issues. Since the spine connects everything in the body, any health issues to the spine can cause health problems. The pain can start out as small soreness that only occasionally flares up.

The longer someone does not seek treatment, the worse the pain will get. The pain can become so bad that the simple act of sitting in a chair is difficult. With chiropractic adjustment, we will apply manual pressure to specific areas or spinal joints in the back. This is a non-surgical treatment that can help relieve pain and address the source of the pain instead of just the symptoms.

During each session, the patient will lie down on his or her stomach while we will apply the specific force to the back. The treatment can take several sessions. If non-surgical methods are not effective, then we may recommend surgery. It is important to note that we will attempt multiple non-surgical methods before considering surgery. While it can be effective, surgery will take cause the recovery to take longer and can carry more risks.

Family Support

Chiropractic treatment is not a simple single-visit type of treatment. In many cases, we will also recommend certain types of stretches and exercises that people need to complete at home. A child who is completing this type of treatment needs the support from other family members to keep up the treatment regimen.

With a strong support system, people will be able to find relief from the pain. Since we customize the treatment to meet the patient’s needs, it is important to follow instructions. The patient also needs to make regular sessions at our practice in order to complete the treatment. This process may only require a few sessions over the span of several weeks or several months.

When a patient is in a car accident, we recommend that they visit us for an examination. Even minor soreness can become incredibly painful over time. People in car accidents will think the soreness in their neck is nothing to worry about until several weeks later when the pain becomes unbearable. Even if there are no external signs of an injury, there is still a chance of a chiropractic injury.

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