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Following an accident at work, the employee may need more than a few days of rest. An injury can be so great that an employee will have to take several weeks or even months off of work. Back and neck issues can even result from sitting at the desk in a certain way too many hours per day. Treatment for a work-related injury is not always as simple as one or two sessions of physical therapy. In many cases, patients will need several weeks to months of professional chiropractic and pain management treatment to truly heal.

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Work Injury Treatment

We can provide the proper treatment that a patient needs to truly heal and eliminate the debilitating pain from the injury. We can also work with the company if they need the proper medical forms for the worker’s compensation. The most important goal of our therapy is to help the patient effectively heal, avoid a constant struggle with pain and help the patient return to work. While a wound or broken bone may heal over time, there are numerous conditions in which the injury will continue to cause the patient pain.

We can identify the cause of the pain and administer the most effective treatment method in a comfortable way. Employees will continue to struggle with the soreness and be unable to focus on work until they receive the right treatment. Some health issues that we can help employees treat include:

  • Sciatica
  • Spinal pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Herniated disc

For many of these health issues, the severity of the injury will determine how long the treatment takes. Another factor will include the patient’s overall attitude and participation in maintaining a certain health regimen at home. Our treatment mainly involves regular sessions of physical therapy over a period of time. We do not typically use medication since it will only mask the pain for a short amount of time and will not truly treat the overall condition. With our therapy and pain management, we can help get patients back on the road to a comfortable and pain-free life.

Getting in The Way of Daily Tasks

One of the worst aspects of a work injury is that the pain will not subside during the work day and will only make the daily tasks painful. Instead of struggling with the pain, patients can receive the necessary treatment to eliminate the pain in the long term. Employees can continue to receive treatment and work with their employers to figure out workers compensation costs. We will be happy to offer the patient paperwork, receipts and details on the treatment to give to the patient’s company.

For employees or employers seeking therapy or pain management, we can customize the treatment with the necessary information. Upon scheduling an appointment, the patient will need to give us information on their medical history, the current state of health, allergies and insurance information before we begin treatment. With this information, our team will develop a treatment program that works for the patient’s needs. It is important to note that therapy is not effective without the patient’s active engagement.

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