Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor for a Work Injury

Visiting a chiropractor for work injury treatment is one of the best ways to begin recovery. Being injured on the job can be frightening, but it can also interfere with regular life. An injured worker may not be able to work and therefore have a reduced income while on worker's compensation benefits.

This can add financial stress and strain to normal family life in addition to the stress caused by the pain of the physical injury. We understand this, and we know the necessity to recover safely but also as quickly as possible. To do so, it is often necessary to visit a chiropractor.

To recover, we need to know the root of the problem

Many physicians will start by treating the pain. This usually involves prescribing prescription pain medication. There is a place for that, but it does nothing to help the patient recover. Pain medication only serves to dull pain sensations. When it comes to treating the underlying problem, it does not help and only masks it.

Anyone who wants to recover fully needs to identify the source of the problem and treat that first. At our chiropractic office, this is precisely what we do. We conduct examinations and use imaging tools to identify the injured areas of the body and then create a treatment plan to address it.

We use touch therapy

Touch therapy is an integral part of our treatment. We do things like spinal manipulation to move vertebrae back into the correct position. This is a noninvasive treatment method that does not involve surgery, cutting a patient open or using harsh medications.

In fact, our treatment is all natural. This is ideal for anyone who is worried about procedures that would involve recovery times or the risk of becoming addicted to prescription pain medication. None of these risks are present with chiropractic treatment, so it is ideal for people of any age and those in varying health conditions.

Regular appointments are important

Once we have created a treatment plan, it will be necessary to visit a chiropractor for a work injury treatment on a regular basis. The plan itself will determine the frequency of visits, but it is common to do so a couple of times a week, at least initially. With frequent treatments, the body will begin the recovery process faster. Keep in mind that these appointments should be paid for by worker's compensation insurance so regardless of the frequency, it should not cost a patient anything.

We also recommend physical therapy

Part of our treatment method is combining chiropractic adjustments with physical therapy. Physical therapy is essential for anyone who has suffered a workplace injury because it seeks to strengthen the body and reduce the likelihood of becoming injured again. Without physical therapy, the body could be weak, and it is possible for someone to return to work and suffer a similar injury in a relatively short period of time. We want to help our patients avoid this by providing ongoing treatment, utilizing physical therapy and then making a recommendation for when we feel it would be safe to return to work.

What chiropractors treat

Visiting a chiropractor for a workers injury treatment is a wise idea for any worker who has injured anything related to their musculoskeletal system. We also see people who have injured things like their wrist, arms, shoulders, hips, etc. Anyone who is not sure if chiropractic treatment would help should contact us for more information.

Schedule an appointment

To expedite your recovery for a workplace injury, visit our office for help. By seeing a chiropractor, you can recover faster and sustain that recovery.

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